Who are we and what are we trying to do?

We're building a community focused on regeneration. 

Emergent Exchange is new organization—we are emerging! We are a coalition of transformative leaders, systems thinkers, professionals and activists working to co-create change and get radically imaginative about addressing some of our biggest messes.

We know there are others like us—friends we haven't yet met who share our commitment to transformation and regeneration, starting with small drops in a pond.

We are focused on the three interconnected priorities listed below— and look forward to working with you if these resonate with you too.

1. Climate Action & Justice

We are in a climate emergency. Time is running out to mitigate the effects of irreversable climate change caused by extractive practices in the name of unlimited growth.

Emergent Exchange is excited about— and dedicated to—supporting and connecting climate initiatives that reduce local carbon emissions, and stand up for people most affected by climate change around the globe.

2. Health and Diversity of the Biosphere 

We are experiencing unprecedented species loss and destruction of ecosystems. We live in an era—commonly referred to as the Anthropocene—which is characterized by human-caused change at a planetary scale.

Encouragingly, anywhere you go around the globe imaginative people are coming up with solutions to remove plastics from the ocean, create hospitable conditions for pollinators, and take action in other ways to restore balance.  

3. Regenerative Systems & Practices

We need to (re)discover what it means to live as part of the natural world, not apart from it. We must stop acting like there are unlimited resources, and cease capitalistic practices that harm the planet and create inequality.

We are excited about the reimagining of community, education, business and economy based on the priciplies of regeneration—not just sustainability.